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Hybrid cloud , hosted email, offsite data storage, or your own hosted virtual server, we provide
a full line of hosting solutions tailored to suit your needs.


Everyone is familiar with the cloud these days. After all, it has revolutionized the way that companies do business. It allows you to access your networks at all times and from any internet-enabled device. It can also streamline your business and ensure everyday tasks are easier than ever

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Progressive’s Cloud Offerings Benefits:

Cost Savings: Progressive can typically save businesses 20% over the current costs assuming the use of the same high grade of equipment, facilities and services.

Focus on Core Business: You can focus your energy on developing your core business and let Progressive manage everything IT.

Cost Restructuring: By leveraging Progressive’s subscription based solution, you also take advantage of moving expenses from a capital expenditure to an operating expense.

Access to Talent: Progressive provides a full service desk team, field support specialists, and management staff which acts as your IT department.

Operation Expertise: Progressive best practices, guidelines and methods follow the international ITIL standard to ensure consistent and quality IT operations.

Capacity Management: Progressive provides an improved method of capacity management of services and technology whereby the risk in providing excess capacity is borne by Progressive.

Scalability: Progressive solution can scale out rapidly to any size suitable for our clients.